Hi! I’m mihyang kim

Nice to meet you! :)

Health Obsessed
I’m obsessed with being healthy. It makes me so happy to see my friends and family eating the food I make. I also try to stay healthy, but sometimes I don’t feel like I’m healthy.

I just love drawing whenever, wherever — at home, at a cafe, on a cup, or on paper. I even bought a Galaxy Note just so I could draw on my phone.
You can find my portfolio below: http://mimi1452.blog.me/

Exercise Lover
Climbing, table tennis, basketball… I love all kinds of sports. I was born an athletic girl, but I’m not that healthy, which is weird.

I want to be more outgoing.
Right now, I’m not that outgoing, but I do care very much about my close friends.
I try to listen for expressions and words in detail and remember them (just like a human radar).
On the other hand, I would love to meet more people from different backgrounds. For that, I work really hard to speak English fluently!