“I want to speak Korean!”

As foreign language learners, we learn foreign languages for different purposes. Whatever our objectives are, one of the biggest concerns for language learning would always be the ability to speak fluently.

You don’t have to be in the country

Some may argue that you have to be in the particular country in order to be good in its language. But I can assure you that it’s not entirely true. Thanks to the advanced technology, online language learning is becoming a common way to learn foreign languages. There are ways that you can still be fluent in speaking when being in the country is not an option.

Learn languages online

Most online language courses nowadays feature the opportunity to interact with native speakers, for instance, live chat with the language experts. Some courses involve tutorial hours which enable learners to communicate directly with native teachers.

“Make use of” expatriates

The rise of expatriates around the world nowadays also provides an exceptional opportunity for language learners to meet native speakers. Take me as an example: I started learning Korean in my home country through online language learning websites. I was lucky to have met a few Korean expatriates and university students in my city; thus the exposure to Korean language. By the time I moved to Seoul, I was fluent enough to make conversation that got me through the beginning of my life in Seoul.

Call/ Text a stranger

If meeting people is not really your cup of tea, free voice calling applications like Skype can be the alternative. Simply send out a request for language exchange or practice, you’d be surprised by the number of people who would help (and I am speaking from experience). I was doubtful until I sent my first request out of desperation, and I am now still friends with my very first online language partner whom I practised Japanese with.

What’s holding you back?

There are many ways to improve your speaking skills in your target language as we have way more advantages than the Flintstones in terms of technology. What if I told you that you can have a tutor to learn to speak Korean from, whenever and wherever you want? And it’s not a myth at all. Kick-start your learning engine and chat with the automated tutor on Eggbun today.

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