Introduce Songyee Park

From Fernando : I strongly believe in the importance of liberal arts. Therefore, I greatly appreciate people who have conducted liberal arts studies and expanded their careers in more specific fields. In fact, I am lucky enough to know such a person. Song Park (박송이) majored in classical language in the United States and became an iOS engineer. She has fabulous insight both in programming and product development. Plus, she is a great communicator. I have no doubt she will bridge the gap between the engineering team and other staff members. Needless to say, she is a great engineer, too.

Fernando : If you could learn to do anything, what would you learn?
Song : Learn how to steer a submarine, join a crew of underwater explorers and go where no one has gone before…
On a (slightly) more realistic note, I would like to learn a combative sport like boxing or Muay Thai. I used to practice Kendo in high school and I miss the training and adrenaline. I’d like to learn something artistic too, like painting or sculpture.

Fernando : Who’s taught you the most?
Song : My grandfather who had to raise four kids on this own. He’s someone who had no other choice but to be self-disciplined and self-sufficient. He’s been strict with himself, but he spoils me rotten. He leads by example and his experiences help me understand what it means to be diligent and earnest!

Fernando : What’s the most interesting article, blog, or book you’ve read recently?
Song : The comic strip collections of Calvin and Hobbes. Do comics count? I read them again and again whenever I’m bored, since I was about 14, 15.

Fernando : Have you had any situations where you find it challenging to communicate with others ?
Song : All the time, as I’ve always lived somewhere as a foreigner. In Hong Kong, for example, I could get around using English, but interactions with the locals would’ve been easier if I knew some Cantonese or Mandarin.

Fernando : Would you tell me about some of the places that you’ve lived and travelled. what is the place that you especially enjoyed?
Song : I was born in Busan and raised in Bangkok. After school, I lived and worked in Hong Kong for about two years and a half.
I had one of the best trips to Hokkaido last month, where my parents and I went on a road trip. We rented a car and drove everywhere, along seaside roads and snowy mountain passes. We took refuge in ryokans, soaking in hot springs and gorging on delicious seafood. Would love to visit again!

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