Stories Through Blogging: Restoring Simplicity

We connected with a number of our favorite bloggers and asked them to share why they do what they do.

Why do you blog?

Be More with Less (my blog) has become so much more than a blog. It’s a community of like-spirited people who finally said “enough is enough” and went searching for a better way, a simpler way. Writing for the blog is the best way for me to share my story, connect with the community, learn from them, create for them, and grow with them. Simplicity is the way back to love. Helping people find their way back to people they love, work they love, and a life they love through simplicity is very rewarding work.”

Courtney Carver, Be More with Less,

Courtney has found a unique way to connect her story with the community by restoring simplicity in the midst of busyness and abundance.