Stories Through Blogging: Visual Order

We connected with a number of our favorite bloggers and asked them to share why they do what they do.

What stemmed from a personal project now connects with a multitude who are drawn to the art of structure and pattern. Austin showcases his creative visualization through organization, category, and order.

Why do you blog?

“Blogging for me has always been about visual research, collecting, and cataloging. Visual research is a never-ending process, and my blogs mainly consist of found images that evoke something in me or relate to ideas I am thinking about. Pooling these images can create a new narrative. On Loose Tiger (my ‘other’ Tumblr which pre-dates Things Organized Neatly) I am very conscious of image pairings, juxtapositions, and conversations that can occur between two previously unrelated images. Things Organized Neatly has been an excellent calling card in my professional life and continues to open doors for me. Connections I have made through that blog or other Internet activity have allowed me to build a career as a creative freelancer.”

Austin Radcliffe, Things Organized Neatly,

Stories can be told through various mediums– the creativity Austin uses through his visual research elicits creativity and unique interpretation from the viewer.