Stories Through Photography: Escape

©Mike Seehagel

We asked 14 visual storytellers to share a favorite photo along with a description of what they love most about their work.

Mike Seehagel is a freelance photographer and motion designer based out of Canada and the United States. Mike combines his love for travel with his photo projects– inspiring others to capture the stories and scenes waiting to be discovered and told.

What do you love about this photo?

“I recently spent 90 days living in Iceland, and this photo just sort of sums up a huge portion of that trip for me. The vast, empty and white landscapes of winter gave me a lot of time and inspiration to disconnect and just sort of be at mercy to the weather. Something I don’t get to do so often.”

Stories come in many shapes, sizes, and mediums and impact everyone deeply. A simple photo captures a story in beautiful ways. The stories we tell shape the culture we live in and we want to highlight photographers using their talents to tell the stories that matter.

For more of Mike Seehagel’s photography and design, visit and @mikeseehagel