Stories Through Photography: Memory

©Carter Moore

We asked 14 visual storytellers to share a favorite photo along with a description of what they love most about their work.

Carter Moore creates memories with his photographs, restoring beauty through story and simplicity.

What do you love about this photo?

“I love this photograph because it was shot in the town my family and I first moved to in Colorado. The town is called Phippsburg, CO and has about 300 residents. My dad built our first home there on top of the biggest hill. The town had this park filled with some of the most unique and obscure playground equipment and when I was young I would spend a lot of time there. At first glance there’s nothing too special about this photo in and of itself however it’s a scene everyone can relate to. I rarely see an adult slide down a slide, but as a child it’s a fantastic activity. Whether getting burnt by the metal on a hot day or just remembering the screeching sounds of skin getting stuck on the way down, the view of a slide takes us back to a time when we were carefree and had little that weighed us down. My wife recently lost her father, my father-in-law, and this photo was taken around that same time, so for me it represented a time without death or deep sorrow, but rather happiness and love.”

Stories come in many shapes, sizes, and mediums and impact everyone deeply. A simple photo captures a story in beautiful ways. The stories we tell shape the culture we live in and we want to highlight photographers using their talents to tell the stories that matter.

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