Sasom 2.0: Pre-Owned Sneakers Condition Guidelines

Kasit Nganthavee
Nov 13, 2019 · 1 min read

Sasom 2.0 allow users to buy and sell pre-owned sneakers. You can read more about the rationale behind our decision here. This article is focused on giving a detailed condition guidelines for sellers.

New with Defects:

  • New with no Box
  • New but no tag / Factory flaw / accessories missing

PADS (Passable As Dead-Stock) 99%-95%

  • NO heavy/deep creases
  • NO stains on upper & sole
  • Insole print 100% intact
  • NO insole stain
  • No visible sign of wear

Good condition 94–90%

  • Small sign of wear on sole, patterns on sole CANNOT be worn out.
  • Slight crease allowed
  • No heel/toe drag
  • Insole print >95% intact
  • NO stains on upper & sole
  • NO insole stain

Worn 89%-80%

  • Moderate creasing allowed
  • Moderate sole wear allowed, Patterns on sole CANNOT be worn out
  • Slight heel/toe drag allowed
  • Insole print >80% intact
  • Slight Insole stain allowed

AS-IS <80%

  • Big Stains (more than 3mm wide) must be documented
  • Condition of insole must be documented
  • Condition of sole must be documented
  • Creases must be documented
  • Items not shown in photos assume not included.

Additional Remarks/Comments

  • All sellers are encouraged to give a accurate representation of the condition of the shoes.
  • More accurate description increases your chance of a sale.

Box condition:

  • Original Box
  • Damaged original box
  • No Box
  • Replacement Box


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    Stories and documentation on our journey

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