Revisiting “Choose Your Own Adventure”

Photo by Einar Storsul on Unsplash

I originally wrote Choose Your Own Adventure for my blog, The Girl with the Tree Tattoo, which primarily caters to ballroom dancers who got their start as adults. Topics focus on the mental and emotional aspects of the adult ballroom dancer journey. It’s a very narrow niche, but I’ve found over the years that many of the themes I write about are universal.




Story Second Chances is a place to share your story that didn’t take off the way you expected it to and to comment on other peoples’ stories leading to a positive feedback loop of exposure for all our hidden gems and advice to improve our writing and reach.

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The Girl With The Tree Tattoo

The Girl With The Tree Tattoo

Tattooed ballroom dancer and writer keeping it real about dance, mindset, Life, and the occasional film. Support at

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