Revisiting: “Reminiscences of New York City at the End of the 20th Century”

I was hoping my personal essay might appeal to people’s sense of nostalgia for New York City predating September 11

Photo by Matteo Massimi on Unsplash

I wrote this particular personal essay only a few weeks after I joined Medium. I felt the introduction was reasonably well written albeit brief.




Story Second Chances is a place to share your story that didn’t take off the way you expected it to and to comment on other peoples’ stories leading to a positive feedback loop of exposure for all our hidden gems and advice to improve our writing and reach.

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B.R. Shenoy

B.R. Shenoy

Top Writer in Ideas & Photography/Owner of The Community Dispatch/M.S. Toxicology/B.S. Biochemistry/Former Expat on 3 Continents/Wife/Mom of 2.

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