StoryBacker: Here, Bloggers meet their Subscribers and Businesses

Dear reader of Storybacker’s blog,

We would like to share with you the concept and philosophy of our project. Please, read the short overview how Storybacker solves the following major problems…

For followers and subscribers

We aggregate amazing content from the top world’s bloggers in one spot.

If you love to discover blogs and vlogs by using different social media networks, such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and more, StoryBacker — is definitely for you! Forget about browsing through a variety of different accounts and social media networks to find an interesting content. By using some “secret sauce”, StoryBacker offers you new immersive experience and “wow” media content. You can easily find and vote for the best bloggers and their content just in a few clicks. Doesn’t matter how you would like to use StoryBacker, for entertainment or to get answers on your questions, StoryBacker will provide you only useful and relevant content. As a result, all your favorite bloggers and their best content in one place!

For opinion leaders & businesses

Storybacker connects the best opinion leaders with businesses to organize worldwide promotional turn-key campaigns.

If you have ever tried to find bloggers or vloggers that can organize promotional campaign for you or your business, you should know that this is not so easy. Additionally, there is no guarantee that your campaign will be matching your expectation and you reach the right (proper) results. StoryBacker solves that problem and you, as a business or a person who is looking for an opportunity to promote your business or service, now can find the right bloggers or vloggers, and organize turn-key promotional campaigns in a few steps.

Meanwhile, bloggers, vloggers and opinion leaders can also get a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Increase income from their social and media channels;
  • Manage and control all job offers in one place;
  • Boost the amount of followers, social “Likes” and other activities.

Currently, the StoryBacker website is in its pre-launch phase, however, you can already register today. Hurry up to pre-register, only 5000 quotas are available!