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We frequently speak with leaders, internal comms directors, and other voices who are focused on a major question: how do we drive a company culture when teams are more distributed than ever? Whether your company plans to return to the office or shift to a “flex model,” Storyboard helps leaders build more engaged teams with best in class private podcasting for their employees.

A private podcast on Storyboard is a great way to share company culture.

In pivotal moments like these, connect your team by creating an interview-style podcast on Storyboard where thought leaders across the company share what defines your culture.

Storyboard is a unique platform where companies and teams can launch audio channels that only employees can access on our apps. Think about this as a “private podcast” at your company. Go to Storyboard to learn more.

How can podcasting help share your company’s culture?

Creating a podcast for your team can improve your company culture in three ways.

First, authenticity — instead of presenting your culture in a document or intranet page, a podcast will make the voices of your speakers come to life. Audio captures the authenticity of your leaders and employees when they join the podcast to share their vision in their own words.

Second, ease of creation — audio is a phenomenal channel for building an engaging conversation with much less overhead and getting to what matters much faster. In the video format, interviewing a leader will require you to go through the hoops of finding the right time, getting multiple people to the same location, lighting the shot correctly, editing (and the list goes on). Meanwhile, podcast delivery is location agnostic, and we’re making it easier than ever for anyone on your team to become a podcast creator.

Third, history — Storyboard podcast creators speak to the benefits of having a “time capsule” of your company’s culture over the years. This can be especially useful for companies that are preparing for a merger or acquisition who hope to retain the key attributes that define their team’s culture and outlook. This is also a powerful tool for new hires who can quickly get ramped up not only in their new role but the company they have just joined.

So creating a culture-driven podcast can offer several meaningful benefits. How do creators think about their format to make these episodes highly effective?

How do I create a podcast that advances my company culture?

To create a podcast that advances your company culture, the key is to set up a format where you can interview key voices within your company. Several ideas we recommend are to:

Interview your leaders. Leaders (think: your CEO, your CTO, your Sales Director) are often in a great position to share an overview of their vision for their division or even the entire company. A great approach here is to use Q&As that touch not only on the company but what the leader values in their team, their personal lives, and their own professional journey.

Interview your stakeholders, like customers. A creative approach to help share the culture is by involving stakeholders that may sit outside of the company. In some cases, it can be exciting to hear from a long-time customer or other key partner on what led them to engage with your company in the first place. Why did they choose to partner with your company? What has kept them over time?

Interview employees across the company. Provide a medium to share underrepresented voices across the company. While leadership can provide candid and high-level vision, what about speaking with a junior sales hire who just joined the company. What made her enthusiastic about the role and her new team? This can be applied to a variety of audiences who help to define your company’s culture.

The best approach is to decide on a frequency — like monthly or bi-weekly — and find a new, fresh voice to interview each episode. You will, in turn, build a rich series that current employees and even future ones can turn back to as a point of reference on what makes your company unique.

If you’re a creator who is ready to launch your first audio channel for your team, you can get started today — Storyboard has a free plan for up to 50 listeners. Storyboard can also set up a demo for Enterprise companies where we can support audiences of all sizes. Let us help you launch your private podcast on Storyboard.



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