Drive Staff Engagement through Storyboard Snacks for Company Updates and News

JP Gooderham
May 19 · 3 min read
Use a private podcast to uplevel company updates and news with short, consumable episodes

Storyboard creators have launched thousands of podcast episodes on our platform to help drive team engagement, share news, and more. We’d like to take an opportunity to share some of the most compelling and interesting uses of Storyboard to date.

To start, we’ve noticed one of the fastest growing trends on Storyboard is to think “smaller” with frequent easily consumable episodes on their Storyboard channel. These episodes are often 5–15 minutes, and for this reason, we think of these types of episodes as Storyboard Snacks.

Storyboard is a unique platform where companies and teams can launch audio channels that only employees can access on our apps. Think about this as a “private podcast” at your company. Go to Storyboard to learn more.

How can a Snack podcast enable your team?

Across industries and companies employees face a lot of competition for their time and attention. We’ve heard from our creators that audio helps them solve this problem by releasing episodes that can be accessed at any time and any location on Storyboard.

To take this a step further, these creators often hear feedback from their teams that it can be hard to keep in touch with important company updates, industry news, product details, and everyday team communication that can slip through the cracks. .

This is where Storyboard Snacks is highly useful. By launching a weekly (or biweekly) Snack podcast, creators can quickly provide an overview of relevant news in a format that makes it simple and easy for an employee to get what they need. Snacks speeds up your workflow and connects your team better than ever before.

Where can you use a Storyboard Snack podcast?

The Storyboard Snacks format enables our creators to share newsworthy items in a focused, clear podcast.

Company News: Each week, a creator may provide a 5–10 minute segment covering important news at the company. Think of this format as a digital bulletin board shared each week with the most interesting updates .

Product Updates: Want to keep your staff up to date with what your company is delivering to customers? This can be a great way to provide a pulse for audiences like salespeople, engineers, and more. A product update podcast can offer ongoing summaries of new features, product designs, and more. This can also include short interviews with the team members who actually worked on those products (which is especially helpful at technology companies where they can speak to decision-making and other considerations).

Industry News and Competitive Analysis: Like company news, which takes an internal look at a company’s most interesting updates, an “industry news” snack podcast can provide an external pulse for employees. This can be a great way to share competitive updates with a sales team or offer insight to a product team on the broader market conditions.

Get work done faster and smarter with a Snacks private podcast

The Snack podcast can deliver a high return-on-investment audio experience because:

  • It can be created with minimal overhead since these episodes are short form, by design.
  • It can instantly solve employees’ problems of staying connected with important news inside and outside of the company.

In addition to the production of concise episodes, creating a consistent production schedule will be a huge driver of success as well. When employees can expect a new Snack to arrive regularly, you are set up for success to build a dedicated following.

If you’re a creator who is ready to launch your first audio channel for your team, you can get started today — Storyboard has a free plan for up to 50 listeners. Let us help you launch your private podcast on Storyboard. Storyboard can also support Enterprises of all sizes whether you have a team of 100 or 100,000 employees. Get in touch with us, and we’ll share how we can help.

The Platform for Private Podcasts

We’ll use this space to share best practices, updates, and more from Storyboard. Our platform is trusted by over 1,700 companies who use podcasting and audio to transform how they engage their employees.

JP Gooderham

Written by

Founder of Storyboard Podcasts — a platform for companies and organizations to engage and inform and through podcasting. Go to to learn more.

We’ll use this space to share best practices, updates, and more from Storyboard. Our platform is trusted by over 1,700 companies who use podcasting and audio to transform how they engage their employees.

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