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JP Gooderham
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2 min readSep 22, 2020


Storyboard’s iPhone Users will now have access to our app in CarPlay

Storyboard Admins and Listeners — we’re thrilled to share today that we have been approved to bring Storyboard’s private podcasts and audio to Apple CarPlay for iOS listeners.

In Storyboard v1.23.0 (which can be found here in the App Store), your listeners will be able to optimize their experience by using our app in CarPlay from their dashboard.

CarPlay is built to improve the safety of mobile apps while driving as well as offering a much more robust experience than streaming from your phone alone. Apple calls it the “smarter, safer way to use an iPhone on the road,” and we heard this as a strong request from our customers.

Your listeners will now be able to control their episodes directly from their dashboard without looking down or changing the episode on their phone.

They can view your company’s private podcast feed, select an episode, play/pause, and control volume without needing to look down at the app.

With over 1,500 companies on Storyboard today, our focus is on offering the strongest platform for private podcasts and audio for both listeners and administrators. With our support for CarPlay, we’re excited to make our iPhone experience even more seamless to help you drive engagement for your channel.

To start using CarPlay, just update your Storyboard Podcasts app to the latest version (1.23.0), and you will gain CarPlay support.

Launching a Private Podcast Channel on Storyboard

We hope that you enjoy this new feature, and thank you for using Storyboard.

If you would like to get started, you can create a free Storyboard Hobby account for up to 50 listeners today to see how audio can transform your communication strategy.

You can also learn more about launching your first internal company podcast in our audio series POPP available right here.



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