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Storybook 5.1

React Native • Accessibility • Context • Presets • Docs update

  • 📱 Mobile: Standalone package architecture for React Native
  • 🎟 A11y addon: Realtime accessibility checks and visual feedback
  • 🛠 Context addon: New UI for themes, internationalization, & more
  • 🎛 Presets: One-line configuration for babel, webpack, & addons

📱React Native returns!

🎟 Realtime accessibility testing

🛠 New Contexts Addon

🎛 Hassle-free configuration with Storybook Presets

module.exports = ['@storybook/preset-typescript'];

Upgrade to Storybook 5.1

cd my-project
npx -p @storybook/cli sb init
yarn storybook

📚 One more thing… try out Storybook Docs technical preview

  • ⚡️Automatic documentation generation from your existing Storybook
  • 🏗 “Doc blocks”, handy documentation components for common use cases like UI preview, prop tables, and source code.
  • ✅ Backwards compatibility with legacy documentation from addon-notes and addon-info.
  • 📝 Freeform MDX authoring with story embedding
// A new story API<Story name="Your cool story">

Thanks to the community

Code contributors: 
@44px @aamct2 @alexan @anru @antony @armanio @armujahid @arnabsen @arnaudmanaranche @aspidov @benediktvaldez @bennypowers @benoitdion @breadadams @cam-stitt @clehnert-psl @codebyalex @colinrtaylor @coryhouse @curtishumphrey @devrelm @domyen @dougmacknz @dwightjack @eddiemonge @ehzhang @electricg @elevatebart @eskelcz @evolutionxbox @expe-lbenychou @fonger @forbeslindesay @gaetanmaisse @glazy @glitchperfect @gokatz @hipstersmoothie @hypnosphi @jamisuomalainen @jangerhofer @joefraley @jonrimmer @jsomsanith @kaidjohnson @kennethtruong @kohakukun @konstantindenerz @kroeder @krustal @kudryavtsevmd @lauritzsh @leovanhaaren @leoyli @lgraziani2712 @lhguerra @libetl @lifeiscontent @lonyele @lozinsky @lucas-carl @lukeaskew @malykhinvi @mansoorbashabellary @maraisr @marina-mosti @masup9@mattfwood @maximsagan @means88 @mickaelzhang @mikach @mikaelcarpenter @mohamedmansour @mohsinulhaq @mortal94@mrmckeb @myoxocephalus @mzdunek93 @n1ck @ndelangen @pajter @petekp @pgoforth @philipp-srf @phoenixton @rafaelfbs @rajatrao777 @rmevans9 @robotnicka @sairus2k @samouss @sergeyzwezdin @shaundon @shilman @shimisun @simenb@snowystinger @spy-seth @steffengorenflo @stephanemw @sto3psl @thekogmo @thollander @tmeasday @toshi1127 @trevordmiller @trevoreyre @tzkuei @vanpacheco @viniciuskneves @vpicone @wilau2 @wuweiweiwu @xdvarpunen @yjoer @zewish @zsalzbank



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