Norbert de Langen
Apr 15, 2018 · 3 min read

Storybook received the “most impactful contribution to the community” award at the React Amsterdam conference ( the biggest react conference in the world, with 1200+ attendees ). Runners up included: ‘bundle-size’, ‘How to GraphQL’ and ‘NativeBase’.

Philipp and I received the award on behalf of the maintainers and gave short speeches. I talked about maintaining Storybook together and how my role has changed over time. I mentioned how happy I am with everything that is happening in the Storybook community; mentioned that the storybook team has big plans for the future.

Philipp spoke about his experience on becoming a maintainer, and highlighted that everyone can do it: the invitation is open to everyone; we strongly believe in open open source.

Making a speech in front of 1200 react developers

We’re grateful towards the organisers of the event, and also super appreciative towards the fantastic community around storybook, the work that has been done and the passion the people have.

We’re excited about the growth of storybook the past year, and we’re dedicated to continue the development, and as mentioned in the speech: expand storybook a lot in the coming year!

I also distributed around 400 storybook stickers

The conference was an amazing experience, speaking to so many enthusiastic storybook users, developers and overall awesome people, I’m still processing everything a little bit. Now I have meetings to plan, to get in-depth feedback on how people use Storybook, how we could make it better or integrate better with their project.

If you want to see the full conference you can view it here. The Open Source Awards begin at 7:32:58.

If you want to see the speeches me and Phil made skip to 7:37:47

Also my daughter is proud, and very impressed with the award

A huge thank you to everyone organising, speaking at, and attending the conference! We had such a blast! Hoping to see you all again next year for React Amsterdam 2019!

If you you want to support storybook, please hit the 👍button to help others find it. and if you want to keep up to date on Storybook progress, follow our channel. We have even more exciting announcements coming up!

And if you or your company using storybook wants to help financially that’s now an option via Open Collective! Supporting us financially will allow us to support our contributors!

❤️ storybook team


The UI development environment you'll ♥️ to use.

Thanks to Michael Shilman and Igor Davydkin

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The UI development environment you'll ♥️ to use.

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