The Storybook Story

From UI development startup to open collective

Michael Shilman
May 30, 2017 · 6 min read
Key Storybook milestones overlaid on top of its Github commit history.

Storybook’s Origin

Kadira Team: Nadie Anuththara, Arunoda Susiripala, , Aruna Herath, Pahan Sarathchandra, Kasun Indi, Muhammed Thanish, Madushan Nishantha.
Real-time component editing in Storybook.

Storybook’s Rapid Growth

Simplicity wins: installing Storybook in a single, zero-configuration step.

Storybook’s Death and Rebirth

Under New Management

Our kickoff meeting with community volunteers, including yours truly.
Storybook contributors around the globe.

The Road Ahead

npm i -g @storybook/cli
cd my-storybook2-project


The UI development environment you'll ♥️ to use.

Thanks to Arunoda Susiripala, Norbert de Langen, Dominic Nguyen, and Keywon.

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The UI development environment you'll ♥️ to use.