5 Instagram Stories Analytics for Dummies

How to Measure Your Success on Instagram Stories: A Simple Guide for Marketers.

Sebastian Dobrincu
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4 min readMay 24, 2017


Is that what Instagram Stories are all about? Does it all come down to number of digits on that little view count label? After all, that’s the only available stat, right?

WRONG! — (Read in your favourite voice.)

Although it’s arguably the hottest media platform right now, it’s still very unclear how to use it at its full potential and more importantly, how to track your return on investment.

Regardless of your goal — whether that’s increasing your follower base, getting more sales, new clients, building brand awareness or simply sharing a fun story — it’s almost impossible to measure your strategy’s efficiency, like you would on other platforms.

Well, not anymore. At Storyheap we released the world’s first Story Management Platform for Instagram & Snapchat. So what should you track, beyond the meaningless view count?

1. Unique Views

Unique Views is the number of people who interacted with your story for at least 1 second.

Since each user is counted only once (even if they watch the same story multiple times), the unique view count can also be used to determine the average number of users that are engaging with your story.

Although this would be a nightmare to track in the long-run (spreadsheets, notebooks, notes apps — we’ve seen them all), Storyheap makes analyzing your performance over time a breeze! 🌬

2. Completion Rate

A completion is a user that watched your entire story — from the first post, to the last one. Thus, the completion rate is the percentage of users that viewed your story’s first post and made it to the end.

You can use the following formula to calculate it:

(Story Completions / Unique Views) * 100

This is an accurate representation of how engaged your audience is in your content.

🔑 — Aim for a reasonable number of posts in the same story. While having fewer posts, might result in better completion rates, it might simply turn this into a vanity metric, as long as you’re not getting your message out. Likewise, having 40 posts in one story is a huge turn-off for the majority of users. ️

3. Total Followers

Instagram Followers ≠ Active Story Followers.

While your account’s follower count can you an idea of your potential reach, it does not indicate the number of people that are actually consuming your Instagram content — especially your Stories.

Storyheap calculates the size of your audience based on a combination of multiple metrics, such as: unique users, views and engagement rates. Tracking this over time, gives you insights into your account’s evolution.

4. Growth Rate

Growth Rate is the overall progress of your account. It is based on metrics such as audience evolution, views, open rates and more.

Essentially being a summary of your entire social media activity, the growth rate is a 🔑 metric to have in mind when crafting your next campaign’s strategy.

Despite being impossible to track manually in the long-run, Storyheap makes this easier than ever, by including it in the Analytics suite.

5. Stories Link Taps

Without a doubt, the best way to promote your blog, products, external content, etc., through Instagram Stories. If your goal is to get conversions for your business, this is the way to go.

However, if you’re not the tracking opens on your URL, you’re doing it all wrong.

In case you use a CRM such as HubSpot, or other analytics platforms like Google Analytics, this can easily be implemented through UTM Codes. The other alternative is to use Storyheap’s built-in URL Tracking feature, so you can analyze the performance straight from your Storyheap dashboard.

If you’re not already using Stories, you’re missing out tremendously. You already have the attention of the audience you’ve spent years building, engaging with, and getting to know.

Our mission at Storyheap is to make your job easier, by offering a complete suite of tools for uploading, scheduling, analyzing your performance and more. 📈

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