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A New Podcast For Creative Entrepreneurs

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I’ve done some experimentation with podcasts over the last couple years and enjoyed the learning process.

Feedback was good on the shows I produced. After only a short while I began to develop some traction with listeners, other hosts and interviewees.

But for one reason or another the content I was creating didn’t continue to stimulate me so I stopped podcasting and let those couple of shows fade out.

Many podcasts never make it past the first 20 shows and I fell into that stat. Many others are not very good. Poor discussion and production quality and crappy branding is fairly common.

But I’m still drawn to audio as a medium for sharing ideas, and besides, I love making stuff. So I’ve been working on a new concept for a show.

It’s called The Larb. I’ll leave it to you to figure out why I chose the name…

It’s not that difficult to figure it out actually.

I like the techie aspect to podcasting, and couple that with my need to share ideas it seems to be a good fit for me so I knew I’d be back at some point.

Whether or not I’m a good presenter and interviewer remains to be judged by you, the listener.

The Larb will launch in about 2 weeks and I wanted to share with you some of the content topics I have coming up.

Who’s The Podcast For?

The content is focused at self employed creative people, or those thinking about it.

Artists, writers, musicians, songwriters, digital creatives, craftspeople, makers, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. Anyone who considers themselves remotely creative and want to turn that passion into a business will get value from this material.

Honestly though, if you’re any way interested in making the best of yourself in the time you have on this earth, like I am, then you’ll get value from this podcast.

I’ll be talking work, business, marketing, and all that jazz but I will also be asking some of life’s deeper questions. I swear sometimes too, so if you’re easily offended then best you stay away.

We’re not doing a Sunday morning knitting class in the church hall, ok? 😬

I want to know how we human beings can live successful and fulfilling lives doing what we love and still make at least a decent living doing it.

Working at something you don’t like for the sake of dollars sucks big time and I believe there has to be a better way.

Too many people are working at jobs they don’t love, fulfilling other people’s dreams and not their own.

That’s not way to spend a life — the only one we’ve got.

Everyone is inherently creative and we each have the ability to discover our true calling if we can only listen.

The Larb is a show that will encourage you to take that leap of faith in yourself, and if you have already, then it will help keep the fire burning.

I Need Your Questions:

I intend to build the content around your needs so if you have a question related to starting or running a creative business that you’d like covered please tell me here and I’ll include in the show.

What Topics Will You Cover?

I’ll be covering many of the topics you’ve seen here on the blog only we’ll be getting into it in deeper fashion.

I’ll be discussing life, work, creativity, art, psychology, marketing, business and so on. Anything related to creating a successful and fulfilling life is on the menu.

There will be interviews too.

I’ll be having discussions with colleagues about the common difficulties creative entrepreneurs face in building a business.

There’ll be interviews with creatives who distribute their work online and are making a good living doing it.

We’ll be taking a look at marketing, how we can get out work out there to the right people and build an audience. What tools to use and how to use them.

There’ll also be some monologue from yours truly, but not too much.

All told, I want to extend the range and tone of content here on larrygmaguire with the hope of taking message further and deeper.

I hope you’ll join me and tune in.

An Attention To Detail

I designed and installed audio visual systems in a former life so I’ve taken that background into podcasting.

As such I promise the quality of the final audio will be good. This is very important to me because I understand how shitty the experience can be when it’s not right.

I’ll do my very best to create a show that you can actually listen to. As such, telephone and crap quality skype interviews won’t make the cut.

The show will go out every Wednesday night BST so you should find it in your iTunes podcast feed the next morning.

I Need Your Questions:

I intend to build the content around your needs so if you have a question related to starting or running a creative business that you’d like covered please tell me here and I’ll include in the show.

Here’s what the cover image looks like;

I’m a bit of an ego maniac hence my mug on the front.

Honestly, I wanted to make something that stood out on iTunes and other podcast platforms and after much procrastination and reiteration I went with this.

Love it or hate it, that’s what it is.

Launch date: about 2 weeks. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Originally published at larrygmaguire.com on August 24, 2017.

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