Written with love, anger, and despair.

DJ Jeffries ✔️
May 9 · 8 min read

when you found me

i was broken

not enough to stand on my own.

you showed me how to love myself.

i couldn’t help but love you.

every day I want to show you

just how much you mean to me.

the first time I saw you

i was nervous and unsure

that’s how I know for certain

you are the one.

she is a queen.

she rules with love.

but love comes in many forms

so i stay on her good side.

a smile can change the world,

repair a broken soul.

a smile is the best counter to wickedness.

for it is only in light that darkness flees.

there is power in the smile

and she is a master of it.

i never doubted your ability to teach me

i doubted my ability to learn

i don’t really try when i’m not sure

if i can succeed

can you make me believe?

break through my preconceptions

of what it means to be in love

or is that too much for one person

you see me

the real me and not the one

i tell you to see

and that’s scary

i see you too

and i like what i see.

do you?

like what you see.

what if it’s not meant to be?

what if i’m more scared that it is.

i see your light

it warms me

when the frost on the corner

of the hearts of others freeze

i see your light

when the world does everything it can to steal it.

i see your light in the sea of confusion

leading me home.

i see your light.

why don’t you see it?

one day you’ll see that you don’t need me.

that’ll be the day that i realize

just how much i need you

can we take a trip?

not too far

but far enough

that our problems can’t reach us

i’m not thinking of a fancy vacation

just a weekend getaway

where we can lay in each other’s arms

until reality drags us back

you asked me to change

and for you, i can

but this isn’t a question of ability

this is a question of will.

when you asked me if you were worth it

i got real sad on the inside.

because if the world lost you,

we would never get another spirit so beautiful

when does a disagreement

become a fight?

when does the lightest of dissent

result in a deep scar for both of us?

i don’t want to fight

but i’m not sure if i agree with you

and i know by now

the only person changing your mind is you.

your heart is so big

you feel pain and guilt

for things that are not your fault.

it’s ok to not be responsible for everything

especially when you did your part.

even the most wicked souls

bow before love.

those who seek to inflict pain

fear love.

they will try to crush it before it spreads,

before it destroys them.

don’t let them.

we are not bound by the mistakes of yesterday

and you taught me that.

we can forgive and not forget

we can choose to not let the past control our future.

keep walking into the freshness of a new path

bound neither by the chain of regret from yesterday

nor the crutch of anxiety for tomorrow.

the world once said that you weren’t beautiful

that was their mistake.

your mistake was believing them.

but don’t make that mistake again.

never mistake their selective blindness

for an absence of beauty.

try they might

but they will never take it.

you were put here for a reason

and neither i

nor society can tell you what it is

the reason for your being

is synonymous with greatness.

As are you.

before we were here

our souls agreed

that you would show us the way.

it’s time.

save some for you.

many hands will demand

your time, your energy, your heart.

don’t give it all.

it won’t do anyone any good

if you run out.

imagine that the universe saw
the light in your spirit.

imagine that she saw you were capable
of handling everything this life could throw your way.

imagine that she gave you life because she knew you could handle it.

she knew you would be victorious if you were bold enough to try.

trust me

i love you

trust me

i’ll never do anything to hurt you

trust me

it was just a mistake

trust me

it won’t happen again

trust me?

trust you.

they say he who finds a wife
finds something good

but it’s not enough to just find a wife
you need to marry her too.

besides if we’re honest,
who found who?

only one of us was lost,

and it was me.

i know you’re probably hurting
but pain comes before healing
tomorrow you’ll smile
and i’ll regret the day
i ever wiped a smile from your face

i used to laugh

watching you dance

like no one could see you

now they’re all watching

and you’re the one who laughs

the sun shines on you

but never sets on you.

you’re captivating,


and free.

never forget that.

when we got together,

i forgot how to be apart.

i had to prove to myself

that it could be done again.

it’s difficult to do the things

you want to do

when everyone keeps

telling you no.

deep down inside

you fear that they might be right.

but you need to try

or you’ll never forgive yourself.

you are beautiful like a rainbow.

you bring color

where there is none.

you give life

where there is none.

you are magnificent

and powerful

and true admirers

watch in awe.

your voice is a sweet melody.

subtle and slow,

but continuous and essential.

you are the tune

that the audience leaves humming.

you are better with money

than i am.

i buy things

that i don’t need.

you buy things that you want.

and that makes all the difference.

you don’t have to do anything

that you don’t want to do.

and there’s a special punishment

for people who steal consent

from others.

when i look in your eyes

i see the ocean

and it’s mesmerizing.

and just like the ocean,

it can sweep me away.

you love generously

but people don’t thank you enough.

they don’t always

realize that you don’t owe them anything.

they take your kindness for weakness.

you give it anyway

because you know that they need it.

would you ever consider

running away with me?

does your life ten years down the road

have me in it?

don’t i love you like

i’m here for a long time

and not just a good time?

be honest.

be kinder to your girlfriends,

they haven’t forgot about you,

even if you’ve forgotten about them.

i remember when you cried.

it burned to see that

and i wasn’t the one going through it.

and somehow i felt sorry for myself

because i knew i didn’t deserve you

and you knew it too.

our first kiss was unreal.

it was the first time that I felt

truly connected to someone.

why did it have to end?

even when time stops,

it starts again.

do not be hurt by the words they say in anger

you know that

if you were not special,

they would not bother you.

you were always scared of what they thought.

now they’re scared of what you say.

the power of life and death

is in your tongue.

did i tell you I loved you

when i had the chance?

because i do.

i know you do too.

i guess you can love me without

taking me back.

as the night comes

so too will the feelings of loneliness.

sometimes you need to be alone

so that you can get it together.

conspiracies run rampant,

but there’s one thing I know for sure,

when the time comes

we’ll run from the conspiracies

hand in hand.

you know it’s good to be alive.

even with everything going on.

underneath the B.S.

there is a captivating life that needs you.

you are the beginning

and the end.

you are a lion

and a gazelle.

you are left

and right.

you are everything.

i know it seems hard right now

i know you think you can’t carry on

i know that many have tried and failed

but you won’t because you are strong.

keep your head high

where it belongs.

there is nothing on the ground

for you to look at.

nothing below you

deserves your attention.

sing a new song today girl.

sing a song of victory

because you’ve won.

it may not seem so now,

but joy comes in the morning.

whether you rise

or you float,

they will see you at the top.

they will know that

they underestimated you.

true beauty cannot be bought

in manmade stores.

they don’t cover it

in make-up tutorials.

they won’t teach you it

in schools.

it comes from within.

it was there all along.

in all of the universe,

there’s no other quite like you.

people may imitate you

but they could never do

what you do.

you are unique and you are special.

don’t let people who envy you

convince you to change.

you asked what was going through my head.

that was the wrong question.

you should’ve asked

what was going on in my heart.

you would’ve gotten the truth.

sometimes it feel like

you’re going to run out of energy.

sometimes it feels like there’s not enough left

to deal with the things coming your way.

when you feel like this,

take a break

but don’t quit.

there is light at the end of the tunnel.

would you rather be

comfortable being comfortable

or uncomfortable and working on achieving

your wildest dreams?

it is those things that we don’t do

that we regret the most.

when you told me you were leaving,

secretly i knew

that begging wouldn’t change your mind.

because you saw me for being broken

and you cared enough to accept

that you couldn’t fix me.

your potential is immeasurable,

and like muscle,

it fades away if you don’t use it.

call someone you love today

and let them know how much they mean to you.

i didn’t tell you enough.

that doesn’t mean that i wasn’t thinking it.

but that doesn’t justify the fact that i didn’t say it.

can we go a little higher?

just high enough to see the world

beneath our feet

and to know that

we are on top of it.

there are good days

and there are bad days.

and that’s ok

as long as the good

outweigh the bad.

contrary to popular belief,

a heart is rarely broken.

it’s capable of functioning,

even when it’s clear that

nothing around it is working.

a heart is rarely broken,

instead it is healing.

can you tell me how you do it?

how do you go on?

i’m still pretending that

i know how to function

without you.

everything with a beginning

has an end.

sometimes things end

before they truly start.

that’s both a miracle and a tragedy.

you want a sign?

you want some hint

that you’re not wasting your time here.

i understand why you might need that,

but i also want you to know that

you will find those things that you look for,

even when they’re not there.

love is like climbing a mountain.

take some time to think about

what you will do when you reach the top.

it is the one thought that will keep you going

in times of doubt.

when you found me

i was broken

not enough to stand on my own.

you couldn’t stand on my behalf

but you learned to stand on yours.

where there was weakness in me,

i’ve always found strength in you


Storymaker is a publication dedicated to creativity, art, life and work. If you are a creative soul and seek a place to share your short stories, poetry, art, design or your creative process with fellow creatives then consider this the place.

DJ Jeffries ✔️

Written by

I help people identify their life’s work and improve their work life. HR Innovation Specialist. Career Coach. Founder of Led2Win.com.


Storymaker is a publication dedicated to creativity, art, life and work. If you are a creative soul and seek a place to share your short stories, poetry, art, design or your creative process with fellow creatives then consider this the place.

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