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A Poem

Photo by Stavrialena Gontzou on Unsplash

A chalk & dotted line
sweeping divinity over your way
so you can keep your dripping hair
hung over the ocean
That city you woke up in
has not even begun to embrace you
but you think you have the will
to make up for it
The whole plastic system
of recognition
opening doors for you
but not prepared to hold it open
No one leaps
until they are told to
forgo the end of the world
Making time in your hobby for
the freak of openness




Storymaker is back in business and shining brighter than ever! We hope to see you soon. Anna Rozwadowska, Owner and Editor in Chief, and our editors.

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J.D. Harms

J.D. Harms

Former hairstylist, perpetual philosophy student, swallowed by poetry, writing, ideas

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