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Edition №9: Storymaker update and continued inspiration

This week; recent submissions, more on The Anthology, our prompt & the writing life!

So Going Forward…

Anna Rozwadowska, Larry G. Maguire and Michael Stang will be managing the publication together and sharing responsibilities. Anna & Michael will be the one responsible for editing, providing feedback and scheduling your submissions. Anna is a full-time writer and freelance editor with a specific focus on literary standards. Larry will publish the weekly Storymaker Letters, which will feature some of the best submission material from the previous seven days. Michael Stang will take care of our prose pieces and shared responsibilities.

Social Media Sharing

We automatically share stories on Facebook and Twitter, as often as we can. Additionally, we like to put in a good word for writers who impress us, and shares those pieces at ManyStories, We’re sharing your stuff around the clock 365 days per year. We’re on Twitter, follow us there!


We are continually working on gathering materials for our Anthology 2020.
The best pieces will find their way to edition one, so send us your golden nuggets of inspiration. Remember to use the tag Anthology2020. The only stipulation right now is that it is new and original content. Please don’t take old content you have published on another Medium publication and submit it to Storymaker for this competition. Besides, we’d like you to create something new. New Year, new deal.

Adding New Writers

To be added as a writer, leave us a message anywhere and read the submission guidelines. It’s simple, just a lot of words:

What We Are About

Storymaker celebrates art and creativity in written form. Poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, and essays are welcome. Write about life, death, love, hate and everything in between. Express what you feel in a few short lines or a few thousand words. We wish to showcase your interpretation of the world and the people in it. What is your story, and what are the challenges you face with your daily work? We want that too. In other words; offer your experience and advice to the community through your stories.

What We’re Looking For

We are seeking content that speaks of the creative spirit, interpretation of the world in which you live, and reflects your passion for your work. We are not hard on spelling and grammar because we expect that sometimes your work contains specific nuances that do not take into account what we would typically call “good English”. Format is also flexible, especially for poetry, as writers like to experiment we like to have the room to accommodate them.

  • Short Stories
  • Essays
  • Articles describing your creative process and experience as an artist/writer
  • Culturally relevant articles on Art & Creativity
  • Chick-lit
  • Life hacking
  • Political discourse
  • Pornographic writing



Storymaker is back in business and shining brighter than ever! We hope to see you soon. Anna Rozwadowska, Owner and Editor in Chief, and our editors.

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