I Am…

John Driggs
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2 min readJul 20, 2021


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I am that which never lives and cannot die,
the unwitnessed witness and seer you cannot see.
Unborn and unformed, I live without a trace
And carry not even a shadow.

I am that which, with my marvel, bears life,
that which gives voice to the earth, to the sun, moon, and stars.
I am that which lies awake through the Long Night,
still and patient in my solitude for the dawn of re-creation.

I am that which lives not in the present,
nor dwells in the past or is set upon the future,
but which lays bare and prostrate across time,
the space that keeps giving and asks for nothing in return.

I am that which shines through the heart of humanity,
who is cradled by the earth though it holds the earth in it.
I am your unbounded heart clothed with passion and with reason,
your joy when it knows and gives thanks to your sorrow.

I am that from which is sewn beauty and goodness,
The path and the way, the light and the truth,
the voiceless whisper that speaks of all that is.

I am.

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