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Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

Tell you a story, begin with the I,
borrowing the night’s usurped reflection,
azure skies lead the way to stars being confined,
welcome to the land of dry deserts where cacti grow, only.

In dissonance, theories of unwelcome situations are dissipated,
hence, when we discover our truth,
cosmic bliss brings about transformation of the self,
as one questions and prods…




Storymaker is back in business and shining brighter than ever! We hope to see you soon. Anna Rozwadowska, Owner and Editor in Chief, and our editors.

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Anna Rozwadowska

Anna Rozwadowska

Owner, Editor of Storymaker. Top Writer in Poetry. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide, M.A. in Environmental Sociology, Ph.D.

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