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Storymaker: A New Publication Promoting Freedom, Creativity & Art In Our Work

Storymaker is a new publication for writers, artists & creatives to share stories and ideas on the importance of creativity and art in work

Hi all I’m Larry G. Maguire. I am a writer & artist and I’m passionate about creativity and freedom of expression through art.

I believe we are all Storymakers, creating the stories of our lives every day. Most of us do it by default, following the rules, working jobs we don’t like, expecting to find happiness and success.

From the time we are children we do what we are told, follow the default model for life, get a job, work our assess off trading time for money. Then the day comes, for most it’s sometime in our 40’s, where we begin to question everything.

We realise the model we were handed down is not working anymore, or rather we choose to face the fact that it never really did.

Do we continue to ignore the impulse to change, or do we follow the small voice?

We have a choice.

Why I Built Storymaker

I built Storymaker here on Medium as a platform for fellow creatives and innovators to share our creations, and to share our ideas on development of creativity and art in our work.

In a world where the predominant message is to follow the default rules for success and happiness, creative people have an opportunity to show there is a better way.

Storymakers like you and me have a responsibility to promote this better way, in particular to show our children that following their in-built creativity is the right path.

We must nurture an environment for them to flourish, not force them into a one-size-fits-all system.

Are you a creative person? Please share your ideas, let’s show the world through our unique creations that there is better way.

Who Is A Storymaker?

Everyone is a Storymaker, only most of us don’t realise it. We are constantly in the process of creating our unique story, some of us on purpose, and some of us by default.

A Storymaker creates their story through the things they make. Making things is their artistic expression, it is their love and their obsession. They have no choice but to make things.

A Storymaker is someone who makes things that are meaningful and and important to them. These things can be made either as a hobby or made professionally as a primary means of income.

Storymakers immerse themselves in their art and create purely for the joy of creating. Other people’s opinions and judgement don’t come into it.

Although it is nice to receive applause and recognition, these things are not primary for the Storymaker. Although they may appear attractive, applause and recognition are way down the list of priorities.

When recognition comes, the Storymaker sees it for what it is; the results of following their intuition and inner guidance. They understand that recognition is part of the creative process and can not be sought.

Contribute Your Work To Storymaker

Are you a creative person?

Have you found a better way to live and work?

Are you following the small voice and making things from the heart?

There is a movement of people who have chosen to reject the default model for work and life, and if that’s you I’d love to hear from you.

Head over to the contribute page and check out the guidelines for submitting your piece. Don’t worry, most content will be published so long as it’s genuine and not spammy.

We’re looking for original art and writing, opinion, research and new ideas on creativity and innovation. Here’s some of what fits;

  • Articles and opinion pieces on creativity & art
  • Creativity and innovation in the workplace
  • Challenges to artistic expression
  • Your creative writing, music, poetry and artwork
  • Articles on children’s creativity and artistic expression
  • Developmental Psychology in children and teens
  • Your personal success and failure stories
  • Your artistic struggles
  • Advice for artists and creatives starting down the road
  • Business advice for creative people
  • Influences and heroes from the creative world
  • Stories of people you admire who are making a dint in the world

The rules on content are not that rigid, and it’s unlikely that any contribution will be rejected. Unless it’s blatant spam that is.

So c’mon!

Share your stuff! Let others know you’re there.

Get your stuff out there and help build momentum in the right direction.

Howdy, I’m Larry, Writer & Artist. Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff. I write short stories about the ordinary lives of people and the challenges they face. My stuff can be edgy, hard hitting, and sometimes controversial, but never contrived. If that’s your bag you can Sign-up To Sunday Letters Here.

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