Lately I’ve wanted to find something that’s been extremely relevant in my life to write about. I haven’t had a lot of time to really put what I’ve been feeling into words. For starters, in the last two weeks I’ve been writing these articles, I’ve learned how to be happy on my own, without the comfort of someone else constantly talking to me or showing me attention. Learning this has made me happier than I’ve ever been before, and I hope this article can impact and add value to anyone who reads it.

You don’t need others to always be happy.

There was something that previously terrified me, before I realized being happy on your own is actually okay — and that was a nasty thing called rejection. Rejection is apart of everyone’s life, whether we realize it or not. Rejection can be anything, from being told you weren’t good enough for the job, being told no when asking your boss for a raise, or even from the person you wanted so badly, just wasn’t sought out for you. All of these situations are types of rejection people like you and I face on a daily basis.

But the real question is: how do we deal with it?

Honestly, there isn’t truly a definitive answer to that question. What I have realized is that yes, rejection sucks and it makes you feel like crap sometimes, but try looking at it in this perspective:

There’s many negatives to rejection. But if you want to change the outcome of that rejection, try looking at it in a positive way. Say to yourself, “Okay, this feeling sucks, so now I’m going to use this negative emotion and let it drive me to become better, to use this situation of rejection to set me up for better outcomes.”

After you develop that attitude, I promise you something. Turning the negative emotion into positive emotion can make you become so much better. It will make your attitude better, and trust me, people watch to see how you may be dealing with the rejection. Someone who uses it as motivation is so much more likely to succeed than the person who just let the negative emotion steer them.

So, next time you encounter a situation where you are rejected, just think, “I’m going to use this and come back better than ever.”

Mitchell Huff

Founder, Live Today