StoryMate Review — Reaching 6-Figure Income With StoryMate

Hi guys, this is Chris from Evergreen Marketing. The purpose of writing this StoryMate review is that I believe that I owe it to the creator Luke Maguire after this tool has provided me with increasing my business income to a 6-figure. Before digging into the content, let me give you an overview of StoryMate by Luke.


Creator: Luke Maguire, a veteran in Social Media Marketing tools

Software: StoryMate

One-Time-Only Limited Offer Price: $47

Sales Page:

Niche: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Let us have one thing clear that current trends hint that Facebook and Instagram stories are going to be one of the leading traffic source in the year 2019. One evident reason for that is the concentration span of people is slowly decreasing and can probably absorb 15-seconds of content to the full so that is all the time your business has to communicate your message effectively to your audience.

Now, this is where StoryMate is incredibly handy!

So let’s get to the meaty stuff now. Firstly, let’s understand what StoryMate really is?

StoryMate allows you to create stories that can be fully customized to your business needs making it very powerful and enabling to drive huge traffic directly to your website using its exclusive feature of “link cloaker” which provides a seamless transition to your audience from your Facebook or Instagram stories directly to your website. Here’s a demo below:

Now, I’ve multiple business models over the internet that I operate, apart from being a small business owner. I also own an eCommerce store, have a fan following on my Facebook and Instagram page and also run affiliate offers for some of my friends from time to time. With all these businesses, I derive the following benefits with StoryMate:

  • Firstly, it saves my time
  • It helps in maintaining effective engagement with my audience
  • Cloaks my links so they are displayed in a neat fashion with my stories
  • And most importantly, driving 50K+ visitors from my stories to my websites

Now, this is just an overview of how StoryMate can help you no matter in what kind of business you are. However, I would be lying if I told you that the StoryMare was the ONLY tool you need to reach a 6-figure income because this is just not true.

Here’s a demo from Simon with sneak peek on StoryMate.

To reach a 6-figure income, there are other tools and some social media tricks and tactics which you need to understand before you can use StoryMate to reach that goal. Once you understand the tactics, you will exactly now how StoryMate comes into play!

Video Proof of Earnings — Last Years’ 4th Quarter

Luckily for you, if you buy StoryMate here (or using the button below), you will gain access to all the courses and tools that I personally paid for to reach this milestone ABSOLUTELY FREE.

StoryMate is a bargain at the current ONE-TIME price, soon to be converted to a recurring month model.

Now, I believe if one person has made an investment into knowledge and tools and achieves his goals, then it’s my responsibility to help others achieve their goals as well. And that is why, I give you the following bonuses (list keeps on updating) without any charge if you buy StoryMate here.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Let me now explain what each of these bonus tools are, what they do so you can figure out how they complement StoryMate.

Social Media + Internet Marketing Bonus Tools (Worth Over $1997)

The following list of bonuses will complement your use of StoryMate and will make sure that you have all the resources available that you need to make a KILLING in the online world and reach a 6-figure income.

Please note that I keep updating my bonuses (as new updates come) on the link that you will receive after you purchase StoryMate here, so keep checking those out.

1. Giant Photoshop Photo and Video Templates (Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing…) -$149

Use this huge Photoshop collection to effortlessly create high-quality photos and videos for your Facebook and Instagram pages.

2. 200 Social Media Marketing Secrets — Ebook (Worth $47)

3. Content Spiffer Tool — $67 (sales Page:

Content Spiffer is the ultimate tool for producing huge volumes of Unique Content. It is not a scraper and neither a spinner but uses a different approach to provide 100% unique content.

4. Animated Powerpoint Video Templates (Worth $59)

5. T-Shirts Designing Course — (Worth $499)
For people who are looking to create a sustainable online business selling T-Shirts online [A booming business currently]

6. Photoshop One-Hour Beginner to Intermediate Course (Worth $97) Complements bonus #1

7. Learn Social Media Marketing Course (Worth $299) (Sales Page: All you need to know about startin with Social Media Marketing

8. Amazon Niche Site Formula Course (ANSF) — Worth $329

9. Rapid Traffic Secrets — Ebook (Worth $49)

10. xTumble Bot — $549 (Sales Page:

xTumble Tumblr bot will enable you to increase SERPS while simultaneously funneling thousands of unique visitors from Tumblr straight to your websites. Daily!

AND many more Bonus Courses and Tools Surprise Pack! (I keep updating my bonuses regularly, and you can access them as long as you’re subscribed to StoryMate)

Buy StoryMate here to access all the updated bonuses before offer expires!
Buy StoryMate And Claim All The Bonuses

Feel free to email me (you can find it on the bonus page after you complete StoryMate purchase) if you find it hard to comprehend some of these things or if you face any issue, I’ll more than happy to help you with a concept or a roadmap for you so you’re not left behind.

Buy StoryMate And Claim All The Bonuses

P.S In your emails, do mention your payment receipt ID for StoryMate so I know that you qualified of making use of my bonus courses and tools. Thank You, see you on the flip side!



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