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4/3 — 4/17, 2015 | 13 YO

My maternal grandparents live in Gurgaon, India. The last time I visited them at their house was back when I was 9, at the time when they lived in Egypt. Now I’m 13, so I get to fly on my own; get the experience of traveling alone and spend one on one time with my grandparents.

The Travel

dinner & breakfast

After a 16 hour flight I have a layover in Dubai where I am in a very nice but sterile airport for 2 hours.


This backyard is where I have coffee every morning with my grandparents before my grandma goes to school as the principal.


Before leaving town, my grandparents and I visit historic temples in the center of India.

Kingdom of Dreams

A trippy yet interesting place where I spend the night with my 2nd cousins.


And with those 2nd cousins I only met a few days ago, we all go to Amritsar for 2 days.

After arriving in Amritsar, my cousins and I stay in one room while my grandparents stay in another. We relax for the afternoon and eat downstairs where theres a restaurant.

Golden Temple

We all take our shoes off, locked them up in lockers, and walked barefoot around the Golden Temple surrounded by water.

Wagah Border Ceremonial Marching

This parade has been practiced since 1959 where the military belonging to India and Pakistan march across the border of the two countries. We received VIP tickets from my grandma’s friend where thousands watch this cultural event every day.

Taj Mahal

My grandparents driver (the image to the top right) who took me all around India joined us to see the Taj Mahal. He talks a lot with my grandpa in Hindi and always has a joking presence. We had a hard time walking back to the car with people trying to sell us souvenirs.

The Village

driving into a hotel in the middle of a village

This hotel that my grandfather found on TripAdvisor was the only building with hot water, gas, and not many other houses even had electricity.

My grandparents and I go to take a tour of the village; we see animals, farms, kids helping to move supplies, and children playing cricket.

Later, a group of people point to my camera for a photo of them selves.

For dinner, ingredients from the local farms are used.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Before my trip ends, we stop at a Bird Sanctuary on the way home from the village.

The Travel Back

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