12 Things Indian Mothers Always Say

12 Things Indian Mothers Always Say

Mummys in our life are always telling us to do something, do this, do that. Bring this from there or drop her somewhere. She knows how to sometimes push all of your buttons at once. But, there are a few trademark lines that generally all our mothers can be guilty of using over and over again.

But, no matter what, we know that when our mothers aren’t around, we are lost. She reminds us to eat, sleep and even drink water. Now, if a mother knows that you haven’t had your food, you can almost certainly tell that she hasn’t eaten either. Such can be a mother’s love.

So, what does your mother say to you? Share the article, adding one other thing that isn’t included in the article and then, tag your friend and so on. Start a chain. Let’s see how how our mothers all over Indian react to this.

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