18 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Bhutan

Lying in the skirts of Himalaya, Bhutan is the smallest of all the countries in Asia. The size of the place is nothing in front of the large facts which it holds. Here are few facts about Bhutan that one should add to their treasure of knowledge:

  1. In the grounded Bhutanese language the name of Bhutan is ‘DRUK YUL’ which means Land of Thunder Dragon.
  2. It is a hub of Marijuana fields to an extent that it grows even more than the common grass. Pigs are fed on Marijuana which makes them have a great appetite, resulting in a yummy bacon.
  3. It is the only country whose largest export is a renewable energy. It produces hydroelectricity for India which is supplied to the states of Delhi, Assam, etc.
  4. It is the only Carbon sink in the world. This means that it intakes more CO2 than it actually exhales in the environment.
  5. It is the country of Buddha. Buddhism in widely followed by more than 75% of the population of Bhutan.
  6. The only country where NO TOBBACO theme is actually followed. Under the “Tobacco Control Act of Bhutan 2010” , the cultivation and sale of tobacco is completely banned.
  7. Marriages here are like a dream come true for the bride’s family. Unlike bride leaving her house after marriage, here the groom does that and lives with bride’s family after marriage.

source: Storytap.in

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