7 Reasons Why Reading Is The Best Past Time Of All

  1. The best part about reading is that you don’t need special skills to do it. Just a working understanding of any language and you are good to go. Isn’t that great? You can pick up any book, at any moment and just start reading. It’s as easy as that.
  2. Reading more books leads to a broader thinking capacity, and you are able to evaluate things from a lot of different perspectives. The reason the sky is blue may not just be because it was a sunny day. Maybe, the author was trying to mimic the main character’s mood to reflect. It’swholly a matter of perception.
  3. It gives you a reason to ignore people.
  4. Reading helps you become a better conversationalist since you would be reading about a lot of things and getting to know a lot. Isn’t that great?

source: Storytap.in

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