8 storytelling prompts to write your summer vacation story

Remember when we would go back to school and the teacher would ask us to write a story or essay called “How I spent my summer vacation”?

I really like the idea of that. Even for us grown ups.

What happened this summer? Will you remember it? How can you turn your experiences into a story worth telling?

I think this is a great exercise to mark the end of the season, capture some of the magic, and put it into words.

(Tip: this goes for professional stories too. Your adventures this summer might just produce something juicy for your Arsenal of Stories, whether it’s the the lightbulb moment you had while flipping burgers on the grill, or the joy of horseback riding on the beach.)

So, I’ve created some simple storytelling prompts to help you write your own Summer Vacation story.

What to do:

- Answer these questions in your journal. Then, if you like, use your answers as a springboard for a more polished story you can publish or share.

- Not in the mood to share? No worries. Use these prompts as a way to reflect and cherish the last of the summer moments before stampeding into fall.

Okay, grab your pen. Let’s suck every last drop out of our summer stories!

How I spent my summer vacation

1. This summer, I spent my time…

2. Something that made this summer really special was…

3. One moment in particular that stands out is…

4. I remember thinking/feeling…

5. I’m really glad that I…

7. I never want to forget…

8. Now that the summer is almost over, I want to…

This article was originally published at camilledeputter.com on August 23rd, 2016.

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