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Moon Landing Hoax Confirmed?

White House classified documents leaked, senior officials admitted on camera.

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In fact, the more rational the analysis, the more suspicious it will be. First of all, the level of technology at the time of the moon landing, and the overall level of technology at that time was too disproportionate. There is a great sense of incongruity. It is easy to feel that the moon landing is actually a hoax. What was the most advanced level of technology at that time in 1969? It is the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). NASA is equivalent to landing on the moon with a game machine. In fact, it was very difficult to launch a rocket into space at that time. Not to mention, loaded with human landing on the moon, and astronauts out for a walk.

The later Apollo project drove on the moon and launched a spacecraft on the moon back to Earth. These things are not our lack of imagination, but the objective reality beyond the actual possible feeling. Like the movie Avatar has not yet been released, humans have reached the planet Pandora first. It feels like Cameron’s science fiction film becomes a documentary.

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I do not want to emphasize how low the technology in 1969. But more than 50 years later, it is a very difficult thing to go to the moon today.

Space IL is a forward-thinking company like Elon Mask’s Space X. It has a lot of money and advanced space technology, and in April 2019, it launched a vehicle to land on the moon. It failed. It crashed directly on the surface of the moon. If Space IL succeeded. It will be the first civilian company to land a vehicle on the moon[1].

By country, which countries are capable of flying to the moon? There are only three countries: the U.S., the Soviet Union and China. Please note that this is not Russia, but the Soviet Union. And both the U.S. and the Soviet Union’s vehicles are from the 60s and 70s. China successfully landed on the moon in 2013 and 2018. So, except for China, the rest are in the 60s and 70s, except for the latest Chinese spacecraft that landed on the moon. So how far ahead of the rest of the world is the U.S.?

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Japanese businessman Tomosaku Maezawa is willing to spend a billion dollars to go to the moon. Elon Musk said in 2023 to make a spaceship to carry Tomosaku Maezawa to the moon[2].

This journey is not yet planned landing on the moon. This is a ring around the moon and back. One billion dollars! Let’s try analyzing the psychology of Tomosaku Maezawa. Wouldn’t he want to land on the moon? Why did Elon Musk not let Tomosaku Maezawa land on the moon? There are only two possibilities: one is not enough money. The second is no related-technology at all! He is willing to spend 1/4 of his total assets flying to the moon, not because he doesn’t have enough money but because we do not have the technology.

If the U.S. really lied back then, wouldn’t they have been afraid of being exposed? You can think about that time in 1969, even the Internet was not be created. And the live broadcast of the moon landing is not a TV per person, it is likely to be five or six hundred people around a TV. In this case, the U.S. only needs to well-control the television broadcast and the photos publish in the newspaper.

As long as the television media and newspaper media are controlled, the cost of lying is very low, at least much lower than the cost of the actual moon landing. We assume that the U.S. moon landing itself is a hoax. So how did the U.S. do this?

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Documentary Operation Lune[3]

Documentary Operation Lune was made in 2002 by a French director, William Karel. This documentary interviewed key members of the Apollo administration, including the then U.S. Secretary of Defense — Donald Rumsfeld, White House Chief of Staff — Alexander Hague, and U.S. Secretary of State — Henry Kissinger.

All of these people admitted in interviews that the moon landing was a hoax. These were the top leaders of the country at the time of the moon landing. These people then said that the U.S. had asked Stanley Kubrick, a famous American director, to make a film. It was Stanley Kubrick, who shot Barry Lyndon[4]. The film depicts the life of a young Irishman in the 18th century. This film in order to reflect the social reality in the 18th century, in the shooting of night scenes, there is no use of electric lights. Because in the 18th century there was no electric light. At that time everyone lit candles and talked to each other at night.

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During the shooting Stanley Kubrick found a problem, that is, the camera equipment cannot capture the candle light of this environment. No matter how Stanley Kubrick shoots it, it’s always dark. But Stanley Kubrick still insists on not using electric lights. So how does he solve the problem? Later he read the technology magazine, a lens can shoot the scene under the very dark light. And this lens is the only one in the world. NASA used this lens to shoot the celestial bodies in the dark, or the military used to shoot enemy scouts. Stanley Kubrick was very excited to talk to the crew to borrow the lens from NASA. And he really borrowed this lens and shoot the famous film — Barry Lyndon[5].

After the release of the film was a great success. Some critics said that the biggest mystery in this movie, is how he shot this night scene? At that time there was no camera that could shoot candlelight night scenes. Critics suspect that Stanley Kubrick borrowed NASA’s extremely confidential lens. But until Stanley Kubrick’s death in 1999. He did not admit to the outside world that he had borrowed this lens. So how do we know?

The answer is that in 2001 Stanley Kubrick’s wife, Christiane Kubrick Harlan[6], was organizing Stanley Kubrick’s belongings. She found a document from the U.S. White House, stamped with a seal — Top Secret.

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It turns out that the U.S. Apollo program wasn’t about going to the moon.

The moon program was directly related to the Cuban missile crisis[7]. In 1961. The Soviet Union launched a manned spacecraft into space for the first time. It was the first time that mankind went into space.

The technology of rocket launch into space and the technology of missile launch are the same technology. If a rocket can be launched accurately, it means that the missile technology is also equally accurate. The Soviet Union was a socialist country at the time. The Soviet Union and Cuba had a particularly good relationship. So the Soviet Union wanted to build a missile base in Cuba. If it succeeded. Then basically the entire United States is within the range of Cuban missiles. The United States has no way to intercept missiles from Cuba. The U.S. White House was anxious. How to solve this crisis? And The U.S. White House finally came up with a way to let the Soviets know that, the U.S. missile technology is not bad.

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At that time, the U.S. President Nixon ordered the whole country to send a man to the moon. About this matter, the U.S. CIA deputy officer — Vernon Walters[8]. He admitted that this then U.S. Apollo program was created for missiles. And no other purpose. CIA deputy officer to say such a thing, the credibility is very high. Because of the state secrets, not all leaders will know. The CIA is the intelligence agency that knows everything about the internal affairs of the United States. He also stressed that this is a measure that the U.S. has no choice but to take. Because there is a big missile threat on the other side (Cuba). It went relatively well at first. But it was not until July 1969 that the CIA suddenly reported to the President of the United States that the Soviets were expected to send a man to the moon in a few days. At that time, the CIA made a false report. President Nixon was unnerved.

One of the president’s advisers said: “Why don’t we make a video for everyone to see. Because for the people, it’s a video problem.” Most of the senior officials at the time agreed. But the CIA adjutant disagreed. He thought that as a democracy, such lies would sooner or later be exposed. It was very dangerous for the president to lie. Nixon closed his eyes, pondered for a few minutes, He stood up and said, “We only have two weeks, let’s get preparation.” That is to say, the President agreed! Then who should be looking for this film? The first choice was Stanley Kubrick, the most famous American director of the time!

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In 1968, Stanley Kubrick made a very famous movie: 2001 A Space Odyssey. I believe that even if you have not seen this movie, you should have heard of it. Although it is a film as far back as 1968, it is not inferior to any of the movies made with CG now. After the president saw the movie. Immediately decided that Stanley Kubrick was the one to look for. At that time, the film industry for Stanley Kubrick’s evaluation was very high. It is said that the world was created by God in six days. And on the seventh day, Stanley Kubrick corrected it to the present state.

White House documents reveal that the main purpose of the film was to “shock and awe”.

However, it was not easy to set up a studio in two weeks to make a film. It just so happens that the lunar studio from 1968 has not been dismantled. The studio was in London. A few CIA agents flew with Stanley Kubrick to London studio for a secret shooting. The studio filming content was the astronauts walking on the moon, out of the space capsule some scenes. The astronaut in this film was not the real Armstrong. It was a young CIA agent played by.

The lunar scenes were shot in a London studio. And the launch of the spacecraft scenes were shot in Hollywood. It was said that the entire Hollywood force was used. All the movies in the shooting need to be suspended. There are now many old people, but back then was working in Hollywood young people said, they were constantly to the launcher on the aluminum foil. This is used to increase the visual effect of the jet. The moon landing forgery, not many people know, many people are just working with, do not know the purpose behind.

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The film was divided into two segments, the first was the scene in Hollywood, Apollo 13 liftoff. Then the scene went to the London studio for the moon landing, which we know as the moon, the American flag, etc. …

While the world was cheering, the Soviet Union was skeptical of the U.S. moon landing. The Soviet Union studied the footage of the U.S. moon landing very carefully, and found many things that did not make sense.

For example, the astronauts hung a Swedish Hasselblad 500 camera around their necks[9]. Those cameras were the use of film. But the film in 50 degrees and -50 degrees cannot be properly stored. So what is the temperature on the moon? The side of the moon facing the sun, up to 120 degrees; turn to the dark side of the words, the lowest -170 degrees. And this temperature change in just two hours to complete. So either the film melted or frozen.

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Another is that there is no air on the moon. The solar wind blows to the moon, the film will immediately change color because of radiation. The conclusion is that the film camera on the moon simply cannot be used. It is impossible to take a beautiful picture of the American flag flying.

The U.S. government owes Stanley Kubrick a favor, so exceptionally in 1975 the ultra-sensitive lens loaned to him. He was allowed to complete the shooting of Barry Lyndon by using the lens.

Later documentary Operation Lune admitted that this was a pseudo-documentary. But everyone who appeared in the documentary, including the U.S. Secretary of Defense, the U.S. Secretary of State, and the White House Chief of Staff, all of them are acting in person, not to mention no dubbing. Why would they be willing to cooperate with a pseudo-documentary?

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Another possibility

The film was really made, and the moon landing was also real. Just worry about any situation when the moon landing, it can be replaced by the filmed video immediately. It turned out to be a real situation. The spacecraft landed on the moon and found someone on the moon. The screen switched to the London studio. Maybe the alien on the moon warned the astronauts not to come again. Therefore later the technology of the moon landing was not retained.













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