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Recruitment process at Storytel

Steve Widinghoff
Nov 19, 2019 · 5 min read

I want to tell you a bit about the recruitment process at Storytel and some important steps, both for you as a potential applicant and us working at Storytel.

We like to have physical meetings for our interviews but we have employed people across the world. If you are not currently located near any of our offices or do not have time to travel to one of our offices — we will have an online interview via Google Hangouts Meet.

The whole process has been designed and refined by everyone of us at Storytel. Everything from the home assignments to what we discuss and focus on in the different phases. Our goal is that both you and Storytel will benefit from the interview process.

Technical interview & Home assignment or Portfolio

Before we go into the different steps of the interview process we would want to explain and talk a bit about the technical interview. This step is intended for you to show us and explain to us who you are in a workplace. How would you organise yourself, solve issues at large, think about quality, follow up on requirements and much more.

We can only assess you by what you hand in and how you argue and discuss about what you handed in. Thus we really want you to take this serious and prove to us that you have what we are looking for.

The quality should be on a level that you could post this online for everyone to look at and comment and still feel that it represents you in your profession.

At the same time we don’t want you to spend huge amounts of time on these home assignments, so if you have a limited amount of time try to think about the structure and organisation. Be prepared to discuss a lot more in the terms of “If I had 40 more hours I would have done…” or “I would want to add these features if I had more time…”.

The different interview steps

1.0 Social Interview — Physical meeting or Google Hangouts Meet

The interview consists of 3 people, where you are one of them. The other two will be filled by either HR or the recruiting Manager or someone working in the area that you applied for.

We focus on getting to know each other, discussing everything from what you do on your spare time to your work history or what you know of Storytel. Basically anything that you would want to discuss can be brought up here.

We want to know what kind of expectations you have of Storytel and your potential coworkers. As well as your expectations in regards to salary and other benefits. This is an important topic since it’s about trying to get to know the expectations, for you as well as for Storytel.

1.1 Did everything feel right after the social interview?

In this phase you and Storytel get to reflect on the social interview. If it feels right both for you and Storytel we then proceed and give you a home assignment. In some cases you might have a portfolio that could substitute the home assignment, in those cases we happily use that instead of the home assignment.

1.2 Home assignment ready

Once you are done and have sent us the home assignment your potential peers will look at it and do an assessment. If your potential peers think that the result of your home assignment is up to our standards we will invite you to the technical interview.

2.0 Technical interview — Physical meeting or Google Hangouts Meet

The technical interview should be an open discussion forum between the applicant and potential future coworkers. We strive to have at least a few potential coworkers in this stage so that both the applicant and the employees get to interview each other. We will use your home assignment or portfolio as a topic for discussion. We look at as many part as possible of your home assignment and discuss it, some examples of general topics is as follows.

  • Why you did what you did.
  • How would you improve it.
  • If you had more/less time how would you have acted.
  • What did you do to ensure quality in the work.

And we expect that you ask the Storytel employees questions as well during this phase, it should be a discussion between everyone in the interview.

2.1 Did everything feel right after the technical interview?

In this phase you and Storytel get to reflect on the technical interview. If it feels right both for you and Storytel we then proceed and book a final interview.

3.0 Meet the manager — Physical meeting or Google Hangouts Meet

You would have a short one on one talk with the recruiting manager, so that you two get to know each other a bit more.

4.0 References & offer & legal documents

The last step is actually many small steps compressed into one.

First off is us talk to two references that you have provided. We verify that the image we have of you is reflected with their view of you.

You will get an official offer from us. Then we send you the legal documents via a digital platform that we use. You would then look at them and verify that everything looks alright. After that you will have the ability to digitally sign the document and hand it in.

That’s it

We hope that this will inform you a bit more what’s expected and what you should expect from us at Storytel. We also hope that you will apply to our vacant positions and that we will have the opportunity to meet you.

To see our open positions please visit our jobs site.

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