Announcing the STP 2.0 Beta Launch Test Event Participant List

Verse Network by STP
2 min readJul 20, 2021


The participants of the beta launch public test event are composed of 25 users including experienced DeFi users from various regions. Each participant will complete product tasks on the STP 2.0 beta platform and receive 500 STPT as reward. During the past week, we have received applications from all over the world. After careful selection, we are announcing the selected participant list.

Beta Launch Public Test Participant List:

Telegram ID:


Wechat ID:


Participants will need to complete the test tasks for the STO (Standard Token Offering) and DAO (USTP stablecoin) features on the STP 2.0 platform.

STP DAO: The new STP DAO allows the creation of USTP 2.0 through the tokenized asset platform of STP 2.0. USTP 2.0 is a cross-chain stablecoin that allows STPT holders to get instant liquidity from their STPT collateral without paying interest and participate in various DeFi and Metaverse functions.

Standard Token Offering (STO): The Standard Token Offering (STO) feature will allow users to participate in the initial offering of exclusive tokenized tokens with USTP. The STO platform will offer tokenized assets constructed by certified parties including DeFi & Metaverse indices, trading strategies, and cross-chain assets.

Public Test Tasks:

Each participant will complete the following tasks from July 16th to July 20th on the STP 2.0 platform. The STPT and ETH test tokens will be distributed before the event begins.

1. Go to [Task Article Link]. Complete the public test tasks on STO (Standard Token Offering) and DAO (USTP stablecoin) features of STP 2.0 platform

2. Submit suggestions for further product development to [Suggestion Form Link]

For the detailed product tutorial and guideline, please go to [Tutorial Article Link]