Blockzone New Features Ver 2.0

We are excited to introduce the new version of that incorporates several new features including DeFizone, More ways to Win STPT, and Metamask & Klatyn Wallet Integration.

In the past, we have been successful in providing our users with exclusive earning opportunities through Micro Token Offerings and Windrop events with top-quality projects. These have been innovative alternatives to traditional token-sale and airdrop events and even offer larger benefits to the community.

Today, we would like to expand our vision to become your bridge to connect and interact with the broader blockchain world. In this major upgrade, we have developed several new features that give our users even more profitable opportunities and access to the most innovative areas in the crypto space such as DeFi.

DeFizone — Your Front Page for Decentralized Finance

As our first major initiative into Decentralized Finance (DeFi), we designed DeFizone, an interactive DeFi aggregator, to help educate, guide, and facilitate the use of DeFi for all types of users. DeFizone will be an important gateway for individuals to explore and access the top DeFi protocols in Lending, DEX, Derivative and Stable Coin while understanding their total value and interest rates. We will continue to expand DeFizone with new features and functionality in the coming months.

Moreover, we have developed the Trend Score to rank all the DeFi projects on Blockzone. Trend Score is an automated rating algorithm based on 5 data sources (Interest Rate, Total Value, Usage, Dominance, and Social Media) to measure the DeFi project performance on a daily basis.

Win STPT — Get STPT Rewards on Blockzone

In the past 10 months, Blockzone has attracted users from more than 100 different countries. Our latest MTO event was sold out in 27 seconds and the airdrop events have consistently hit over 3,000 participants. Thanks for all your love and support! With the rapid growth of our user base and the participation rate of Blockzone events, we have developed new types of events to give back to our users:

Red Envelope Tasks: A Red Envelope is a chance for users to win a large amount of STPT and award balance. Each user can win an unlimited number of Red Envelopes by completing simple Blockzone tasks such as signing in everyday, inviting a friend, depositing STPT, participating in a Blockzone event, joining STP social channels and etc.

STPT Windrop: STPT Windrop is a weekly event for Blockzone users to win large STPT awards with their award balance. Participants can purchase Windrop tickets with their award balance. The more tickets they purchase, the better their chance of winning. By the end of the event, the system will automatically draw winners to share STPT awards while the losers will only lose their award balance. All STPT awards will be automatically credited into the winners’ Blockzone account and can be withdrawn or staked.

Upgraded Wallet System and Withdrawal Process

Last but not least, User Experience and Fund Security have always been our top priority. Over the past months, we have been working closely with our users to enhance our website.

Our latest wallet system upgrade will support instant withdrawal of small amounts and the integration with Metamask Wallet and Klaytn Wallet will enable more token support and DeFi applications in the future.

On the security side, the implementation of Google Verification and Cloudfare will provide further security on your fund and important information. Our AI User Behavior Monitor System will recognize abnormal activities during important events like MTO and provide more fairness to our participants.

In the future, we would like to continue to improve and explore new possibilities with our old and new users. Please feel free to leave us any feedback on our social channels. Thank you again for your support! Now, please visit and enjoy the new website.

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