Event Review: Global Digital Impact Night

Block 72 and STP Network were proud to present the world’s first Global Digital Impact Night on May 13, at the Times Square Lounge within Sky Room during the New York Blockchain Week 2019, the annual gathering of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world.

At GDIN, BitMax.io, Block72, STP, and UltrAlpha, along with industry top institutions, influential investors and star projects from the globe got together and celebrated the latest development in the blockchain & digital asset space.

The event was designed to promote the circulation of blockchain knowledge in order to better grasp the rapidly changing market, brought together top global resources, and reinforce a united blockchain community. With sponsors Cred, BHD, Shyft, Ampleforth, S Block, Ankr and BYTOM, representatives from more than 30 top institutions and over 50 legendary investors discussed global blockchain trends and the future of the market.

Sky Room- the Roof Top Bar at Times Square, where we held the GDIN.
Shane Molidor, the BD director of BitMax.io, worked as an excellent host for GDIN!
Mike Chen gave a short speech about Block 72 and STP Network.
Mike Chen (CEO of Block72&STP), Goerge Cao (CEO of BitMax.io), Artem Sergeev (CEO of BlockShow) for the Champagne Tower Toast
Sinhae Lee, Co-founder of STP Network at the event
More than 100 people attended the event.
People networking and sharing ideas about the industry.

STP Network also had live streaming for the event at Twitter @STP_Networks. https://twitter.com/STP_Networks/status/1128092214998044672.

At the event, our sponsored speakers and technology experts covered many innovative and exploratory topics, as well as the surging questions pulsing throughout the cryptomarkets today. Topics included analysis of efficiencies within the global digital currency markets; discussion on capturing opportunities of dislocated markets; the challenges and solutions of maintaining consistent liquidity within turbulent digital markets.

Global Digital Impact Night brought together industry leaders and influencers to share their thoughts during this great event. We look forward to having you in our later on events!

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