Listing Vote: STPT vs RVC

Vote for STP Network to be listed on! Voting begins 6/3 at 4:00am UTC

Please vote for STPT here! is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a variety of blockchain assets trading services. To encourage a higher amount of users in the listing, has officially launched “Listing vote,” offering even more channels for launching quality projects.

We are excited to have been chosen for the Listing vote, a great opportunity to get STPT listed on This is potentially another important milestone for our project and we encourage our tokenholders and community to support us on the vote.

To ensure STPT gets listed on we need our community’s support!


If STP Networks (STPT) wins the vote and is listed on, everyone who voted for STPT will split a total reward pool of 4,201,681 STPT (~$50,000 USD), based on the number of votes from each participant.

The number of votes each user gets equals the average 14-day GT holding (including assets in Lending/Borrowing Market, and the GT bought with USDT borrowed from Margin Trading; however, GT borrowed from Margin Trading is not allowed).

Voting starts on 6/3 at 4:00am UTC and lasts 24 hours.

Next Steps

The best thing you can do to support STP on the vote is to:

1. Hold a large balance of GT in order to receive more voting power

2. Vote for STP Network here once voting opens!

Your voting power is determined by your GT holdings. All the GT holders on have 1 vote for each GT holding.

It is an exciting time, and if each of you helps vote us onto you will not only share a $50k airdrop, but you’ll be a part of a crypto rocket ship as we will continue our growth!

Thank you!

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