Micro Token Offering (MTO) #12

The next MTO on Blockzone.com will be OIN on September 2nd, 9:00PM ET — participants will have the chance to get 25,000 OIN tokens (OIN). The OIN MTO will be exclusive to users who participate in the STPT Liquidity Mining Program on Blockzone.com that have passed KYC. The event will run until Sep 9th 9:00 pm EDT. In order to participate the user must stake STPT UNI-V2 token** and complete 2 micro tasks*** for OIN before the event closes and will then automatically win the award for free (No STPT needed for ticket purchase).

Winners will share the 25,000 OIN awards based on their Pool Share of their STPT UNI-V2 staking. The system will automatically calculate the total pool share of each participant by the end of the event. Participants can check their own Pool Share in the Available Balance page under the User Center.

Once the event closes, the OIN team will lock up the OIN awards for 90 days. All OIN awards will be distributed to the winners once the lock period ends.

*Participants MUST confirm their ETH wallet address in the User Center before the event closes to receive their award token. Failing to confirm the ETH wallet address will result in losing all the awards. No late submission will be accepted.

**Staked STPT UNI-V2 token will not be withdrawable until Oct.1st. Please read our medium article for more detail information on the staking program. (https://medium.com/stp-network/stp-network-launches-liquidity-mining-program-on-uniswap-cbad0911eba4

**Participants MUST complete the following tasks in the event dashboard to receive the OIN awards:

  • Task 1: Follow OIN official Twitter
  • Task 2: Join OIN official Telegram

About OIN Finance

OIN will be the first DeFi platform to provide liquidity mining through their Decentralized Exchange, and a loan platform starting with the Ontology platform, and ultimately expand to other top platforms through cross-chain functionality. OIN will build the bridge technology to seamlessly integrate Ethereum to start into its ecosystem, opening up to all of the current DeFi space. The dedication to this end is reflected in a three-pronged mission: become the gateway into DeFi, promote the DeFi industry, and grow the DeFi Space to maturity.

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If you’re an issuer interested in tokenizing your asset, please reach out to us at: contact@stp.network

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