Micro Token Offering (MTO) #14

Round 13: RAI Finance

The next MTO on Blockzone.com will be Rai Finance on Jan 17th, 03:00 AM ET — participants will have the chance to get a total of $197,500 worth of Rai Finance tokens (RAI), which is a cross chain asset swap protocol on top of Polkadot blockchain. It partners with NGC Ventures, GBIC, Alphabit, STP Network, League of Traders. At the end of the day, Rai Finance will integrate social trading features as well as unique asset support. Read below to learn how to participate.

👉MTO Rules

The RAI MTO will follow a first come first serve format for all users on Blockzone.com that have passed KYC. Participants will automatically win the award once purchasing is successful. Participants must purchase MTO tickets with their STPT balance in their Blockzone.com account.

The start date of the RAI MTO will be January 17th, 3:00 am ET, and will run until January 17th, 4:00 am ET. The MTO event will automatically close once all the tickets are sold out or the count-down ends.

Winning participants will receive the RAI token in their ETH wallet before RAI gets listed on the first official exchange. Participants should submit their ETH wallet address before the distribution starts. Failing to confirm the ETH wallet address will result in losing all the awards. No late submission or address modification will be accepted.

*Early Access

In this MTO event, we will give early access to the top 100 participants from the RAI airdrop. Each eligible participant will be able to purchase 1 MTO ticket ($100 worth of RAI token) in the early access event.

This early access event will run from January 17th, 1:00 am ET to January 17th, 2:00 am ET. To enter the event, please go to the User Center -> My Event tab.

The early access winners’ UID list has been posted on the RAI Airdrop page. To check your eligibility, please go to https://www.blockzone.com/en_US/mto_detail-38

*All early access participants can also participate in the official MTO event.

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If you’re an issuer interested in tokenizing your asset, please reach out to us at contact@stp.network

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