Micro Token Offering (MTO) #9

Round 9: ALITA

The next MTO will be ALITA on June 10th — participants will have the chance to get ALITA tokens (ALITA), which recently announced its Cobak sale, and is backed by Huobi Labs, directly through the BlockZone.com site! Read below to learn how to participate.

👉MTO Rules

The ALITA MTO will follow a first come first serve format for all users on Blockzone.com that have passed KYC. Participants will automatically win the award once purchasing is successful. Participants can purchase MTO tickets with the STPT balance in their Blockzone.com account.

The start date of the ALITA MTO will be June 10th, 9:00 pm EDT and will run until June 24th, 9:00 pm EDT. The MTO event will automatically close once all the tickets are sold out or the count-down ends.

Winning participants will receive the award token in their ETH wallet within 48 hours after the event closes. Participants should submit their ETH wallet address before the distribution starts. Failing to confirm the ETH wallet address will result in losing all the award. No late submission or address modification will be accepted. All STPT for ticket and award purchasing will be burned and will not be refunded.

By the end of the event, all the remaining ALITA tokens will go directly into the lottery pool, and the system will select 10 random MTO participants to share this special lottery rewards!

👉Airdrop Rules

All users who complete the tasks are eligible to earn ALITA awards that will total $5,000 of awards. In order to receive the airdrop award, participants must have STPT deposit or staking balance by the end of the event (*award balance will not be counted). The minimum STPT deposit amount is only 10 STPT (~$0.15)!

Task 1 — Telegram ($0.5 in ALITA): Join ALITA on Telegram (Eligible for Windrop*)

Task 2 — Twitter ($0.5 in ALITA): Follow ALITA on Twitter

Task 3 — Deposit STPT on Blockzone ($0.5 in ALITA): You must have STPT balance on Blockzone (staking balance included) to receive your airdrop award


Windrop is a chance for airdrop participants to win larger rewards than their standard airdrop award. In this event, participants who have completed Task 1 (Telegram) can opt-in to a lottery pool with their awards in Task 1 ($0.5 worth of ALITA).

By the end of the event, the system will automatically draw ONE winner who wins the entire lottery pool while the losers will only lose the award from Task 1 ($0.5 worth of ALITA) but can still receive awards from Task 2 and 3. The amount of the winner’s award will be determined by the amount of the participants of the Windrop.

  • The final winner will be announced by the end of the event.

Extra Windrop:

By the end of the event, the system will automatically draw 20 winners from the deposit participants to share a $1,000 exclusive award. Each winner will win $50 award in ALITA.


Alita is the world’s first decentralized big-data computing project for android devices. Alita capitalizes idle computing resources by establishing a new benefit distribution mechanism, and realizes the value of android device computing power through it’s token economic of cloud computing platform

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