Partnership Announcement: DVP

STP (Standard Tokenization Protocol) has reached a strategic partnership with DVP (Decentralized Vulnerability Platform) to maintain the security of on-chain asset issuance.

With the continuous popularization of blockchain technology in recent years, the trend of traditional assets on the chain has gradually flourished. In order to improve the information security and asset security of users on the blockchain, strengthen vulnerability warning and emergency response mechanisms, and optimize user experience, STP and DVP, the decentralized vulnerability platform, reached a strategic partnership. In the future, DVP will provide resources for publishing vulnerabilities and threat intelligence bounty programs for the on-chain asset based on the STP ecosystem. DVP and STP will cooperate to invite global white hats to participate in security testing to jointly create a blockchain asset network ecosystem. STP will also bring more community resources into DVP and popularize blockchain security culture globally.

The strategic cooperation between DVP and STP this time reflects the joint attention and determination of the two project teams to the current blockchain information and asset security. Blockchain-related information and asset security are the cornerstones to ensure the healthy development of the industry, and whether the cornerstones are safe will directly affect the expansion process of the on-chain asset issuance. The two parties decided to do strategic cooperation and complementary advantages to escort the channel of “on-chain asset” and create a safer and more reliable blockchain network ecosystem.

About DVP

DVP (Decentralized Vulnerability Platform) is an international community of information security professionals (White Hats). The platform endeavors to build, leveraging on blockchain technologies and utilizing blockchain-based token as a key incentive, a technology-driven global community and ecosystem that brings organizations, blockchain projects and White Hats together, creating a sustainable secure environment for the blockchain industry as a whole.

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