STP 2.0's Beta Launch Public Test Event is Now Live

With the beta launch of STP 2.0’s tokenized asset platform, the STP team welcomes our community members to join our public test event to improve the product’s user experience.

A total of 25 users worldwide will be selected in our first public test event to test out new features. Participants will be composed of senior DeFi users and global users based on invitation and application. Each participant will complete product tasks on the STP 2.0 beta platform and receive 500 STPT as a reward.

What do the participants need to do?

1. Complete the test tasks for the STO (Standard Token Offering) and DAO (USTP stablecoin) features on the STP 2.0 platform

2. Submit suggestions for further product development

What are the benefits of participating in the public test event?

1. Understand the latest product development of STP 2.0

2. Get STPT as rewards

3. Get early access for future STO events

How to participate in the beta launch public test event?

Number of participants: 25

Application period: July 13th, 2021 — July 18th, 2021

Result announcement: July 19th, 2021

Application form: Click here and apply

The tasks of the first public test event will be released once the participant list is announced.

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