STP Announcement: Early Supporter Incentive Event

Standard Tokenization Protocol is giving away prizes to a handful of lucky winners!

With an increasing number of digitally native financial products being explored and launched as the token economy matures, Standard Tokenization Protocol (STP) sets a new standard for adhering to necessary global regulations around digital asset issuance and transfers.

To encourage more investors to join the STP community, we are announcing the STP Network Incentive Event to encourage all interested issuers, users, and investors to join the STP community. Everyone has a chance to earn contribution points and win.

We invite all early community members to earn points by completing tasks related to our posts, tweets, and by following us on a variety of social media! The rewards program will run for one month from 10:00am May 1st to 10:00am June 1st (EST).

How can I join the STP Network Early Supporter Incentive Event?

All participants need to sign in with Gleam and become a part of our early community. Then, complete the incentive event actions as listed on the event page to accumulate contribution points. There will be weekly winners as well as a lottery at the end of the event with all participants over 350 contribution points. Twenty lucky users will each receive $100 as the reward.

Here is the link to the incentive event page:

Here are the detailed rules and info about the STP Network Early Supporter Incentive Event:

Anyone from blockchain professionals to aspiring students can earn contribution points for following our social media channels and completing interesting tasks. Earn even more when you refer your friends to participate in the incentive event and become active members of our Telegram community. We also encourage people to share their thoughts on STP Network with us.

Each week during the incentive event, we will select one top-rated original blog about STP Network from all the submissions. These contributors will receive $150 as the reward. We will choose retweets (with comments) from our official STP and CEO twitter accounts, and users will have a chance to receive $10. All the rewards will be sent to the winners’ USDT wallet addresses.

We welcome you to our community and look forward to growing together!

For more details on Standard Tokenization Protocol:


Whitepaper: link