STP Integrates with Curve Finance to Launch USTP Metapool

STP Protocol is pleased to announce the integration of its stablecoin, USTP, with the Curve Finance platform to provide a USTP/USDT liquidity pool. The USTP pool is one of Curve’s newly launched metapools which allow one token to trade with another underlying base pool. The metapool will ensure sufficient liquidity for USTP, an important step for its usage in the STP ecosystem. STP Protocol will continue to integrate with more leading DeFi protocols like Curve to increase their activity in decentralized finance.

How to Use Curve Swaps

Trade USTP: Go to and select the USTP metapool (USTP3CRV-f). The metapool allows users to trade USTP between DAI, USDC, and USDT seamlessly.

Provide Liquidity: Go to and select the USTP liquidity pool (USTP3CRV-f). The metapool allows USTP to be pooled with USDT, USDC, and DAI. A liquidity provider can get exposure to all stable coins by depositing one or several of the coins in the pool.

After depositing, the liquidity provider will receive LP tokens representing the share of ownership in the pool.

USTP is a stablecoin designed for usage in the STP Ecosystem and STP DAO. It is a mechanism for decentralized governance in which STPT holders will help dictate the direction of important protocol decisions, including USTP and the respective DeFi platforms that utilize USTP. USTP will allow users to earn yields, leverage lucrative DeFi strategies, and transact across multiple platforms within (i.e., Blockzone) and outside (i.e., ChickenSwap) their ecosystem. USTP is over 100% backed by STPT to reduce the risk of liquidation during price volatility.

Curve is an exchange liquidity pool built on Ethereum, similar to Uniswap, designed for extremely efficient stablecoin trading. It also provides a low-risk, supplemental fee income for liquidity providers without opportunity costs.

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