STP Network Joins Samsung Blockchain Ecosystem!

STPT is listed on Samsung’s Blockchain Wallet & Blockzone is listed as Samsung Blockchain Partner’s dApp!

We’re excited to announce that STPT, the utility token of STP Network is now listed on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, starting March 31st!

Furthermore, our web platform BlockZone is also added as a partner dApp.

This is a great milestone for us — Samsung Blockchain Wallet is available in Samsung’s flagship mobile devices across 17 countries including South Korea, Canada, the U.S., the United Kingdom, Singapore, etc.

This means that a HUGE number of users across the world can easily access STP Network’s ecosystem, through its dApp, Blockzone. The integration with Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK, will allow users to easily deposit STPT to Blockzone from the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

You can download the Blockzone Dapp directly from the Galaxy store now (link). It is also available for download from the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, in ‘DApps’ section!

※Availability of the Samsung Blockchain wallet app may vary by device, country and carrier.

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