STP Network Launches DeFi Initiative: 50 Million STP DeFi Grant Program

We are excited to announce our first major initiative into Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with DeFizone, an interactive DeFi aggregator designed for any user. Additionally, as part of this initiative we will allocate 50 million STPT in grants to DeFi projects and teams that will integrate with DeFizone and the STP ecosystem.

The DeFi market has recently exploded with a market cap exceeding $2B. Each day new ways of lending, trading, and managing financial services are popping up which makes it difficult to know how they work and which ones are most popular and profitable. We designed DeFizone to help educate, guide, and facilitate the use of DeFi for all types of users. DeFizone will be an important gateway for individuals to gain exposure and access to the top DeFi protocols in lending, trading, and other financial services while understanding which ones have the highest ROI and usage rates.

DeFizone will go live in early July, enabling users to access the aggregator with additional features following the launch.

The STP DeFi grant program allocates 50 Million STPT to encourage the innovation and development of DeFi in the STP Ecosystem. All projects and teams working in the DeFi space will be able to apply for grants that will be evaluated based off their viability, innovativeness, and alignment with STP’s overall vision. Applications that pass the evaluation phase will be voted on by STPT holders on The application for the grant program can be found here

About DeFi

DeFi is a system of open and permissionless interlocking financial products. Built on Ethereum, DeFi provides an overlapping network of dApps and smart contracts with a focus on financial applications such as trading, exchanging, borrowing, and derivatives.

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