STP Partners with DeFine to launch STP Membership Badges

Launched in 2019, STP has developed a diverse ecosystem consisting of top token projects, partners and communities while having over 13,000 total $STPT token holders. Over the years STP has continued to iterate and expand upon its token utility and grow its community.

To reward the loyalty and support of the STP community, we will be joining hands with DeFine Platform to launch NFT badges to $STPT holders with above 1000 $STPT. To be eligible for the NFT badges, token holders must have a set amount of STPT in their ERC20 wallet address (non-exchange) by November 22nd 1:00 GMT and will need to claim the NFT on the DeFine platform starting November 25th 1:00 GMT. The claiming period will last 10 days. The membership badge will be distributed to 3 tiers of token holders, Diamond, Platinum and Gold according to the following:

Each tier badge will represent an entrance to the respective discord channels and will receive exclusive benefits. Additionally, the tiers will dictate the amount of gas fee subsidies that will be airdropped to users on the DeFine platform in the form of $DFA.


  • Gas fee subsidy upon claim
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Access to Diamond discord channel
  • Monthly AMA with STP founders & team
  • Ability to submit governance proposals


  • Gas fee subsidy upon claim
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Access to Platinum discord channel
  • Ability to submit governance proposals


  • Gas fee subsidy upon claim
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Access to Gold discord channel

Instructions: Membership badges will be redeemable on November 25th 1:00 GMT on DeFine Platform.

About STP:

STP is the core contributor of Verse Network, a censorship resistant, front running resistant, high performance, and interconnected cloud for next gen DAO and DeFi. It enables networks, developers and organizations to decentralize decision making effectively and scale their communities and decentralized applications

About DeFine:

DeFine is the NFT social platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes. The platform facilitates all social interaction, engagement and communication for creators and their fanbase with digital assets like NFTs and social/fan tokens.




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