STP Partners with Travala to Connect STPT with Expedia and Other Global Hotel Online Booking Payment Channels

We are excited to announce that online travel & accommodations firm has integrated STP Network into its platform, allowing for payments to be made in native STPT. recently partnered with hotel booking giant Expedia, expanding its hotel and accommodations offerings to a total of over 2 million in 230 countries.’s partnership with STP Network enhances the utility of STPT by enabling it to be used for purchasing travel services.

Backed by industry-giant Binance, is building one of the biggest online travel agencies, standing out from its competitors by directly integrating cryptocurrency payments, loyalty programs, crypto debit cards & other advantages inherent to blockchain technology.

The platform has experienced a surge in demand even in recent times, demonstrating consumer appetite for innovative solutions and modern payment options, which will further the exposure of the STP ecosystem to an actively growing user base.

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