STP x Uniswap

Announcing an integration with Uniswap!

Announcing STPT’s first of many DEX integrations. We are strengthening the STP Network for our users and token holders one DEX at a time, ensuring we are composable with all your favorite DeFi Dapps. More liquidity = better prices.

Welcome, Uniswap!

Uniswap is one of the most popular and most exciting DeFi platforms in the entire crypto ecosystem. First proposed in a reddit post by Vitalik and later built by Hayden Adams, Uniswap is a new type of decentralized token exchange protocol. It operates via a set of smart contracts deployed to the Ethereum mainnet, making it entirely decentralized.

Uniswap users (i.e. anyone in the world) can pool tokens together to create liquidity for any trading pair they want. The protocol’s automated market maker (AMM) enables the unique feature of always being able to execute a trade no matter how liquid it is. It is a novel concept and we recommend reading their docs:, Uniswap — A Unique Exchange, or their whitepaper to dive into the mechanics.

Check it out now and add liquidity to start earning fees today!

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